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Writer's Note: Konami Apologise to MGO Users
by Linford Butler

In an announcement by game-dev Konami, a public apology was made to players of Metal Gear Online after the release of the new Gene expansion pack caused huge technical issues for gamers.

Levels of traffic to the website after the release of the pack caused unprecedented login problems, and Konami were forced to close the MGO Shop. The developer also had to refund some players after overcharging issues occurred.

"We have been taking numerous corrective measures since the problems initially started, but unfortunately there are no permanent solutions we can announce at this present moment," a representative for Konami stated.

"We would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere apologies for the problems that have affected all our customers that have been with us since the Premier Beta back in April.

"We are currently doing all in our powers to bring a permanent solution to the ongoing problems in the quickest possible time," Konami added.

After the success of the game's release - selling over 1 million units across Europe in the first week - this is a disappointing and irritating issue to occur.


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- Linford Butler

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