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World of Warcraft - Patch 2.4.3
by Gr1mmy
Tomorrow there will be an extended maintenance starting at 03:00 CEST lasting till 11:00 CEST to implement patch 2.4.3. This patch brings in a great change for low level players, the mounts that were available at level 40 and cost 90g for the skill. This has been reduced to level 30 and will now cost 35g to learn the skill.

Also the will be a new money sink for high level characters before Wrath of the Lich King hits. The NPC named "Haris Pilton" will now sell an epic 22 slot bag. Its called "Giagantique" Bag and costs a massive 1200g.

The only other major change is the new WoW Trading Card Game loot cards will now be able to be used in game.

For the whole list of patch notes click here!

- Gr1mmy

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