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Three reasons why: Splinter Cell was awesome
by Unknown
1) Great Storylines
At the end of each of the three Splinter Cell games I have played (Original, Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory), I had felt satisfied in the way that the storyline was handled. Despite most of the “good guys” (especially Sam Fischer's back-up agents) being a little thin in terms of depth, the bad guys and their evil plots, which normally involved releasing something into the US’ atmosphere, were a great basis to build the game around, as you always thought, damn, if I don’t do this right, loads of people are gonna die. An example of this being when you have a time limit to stop a nuke from launching at the USA; thrilling stuff.

2) Stealth Gameplay
Ubisoft got the stealth elements spot-on for the first three games of the series. Whether hiding in darkness or trying to get information out of a low level grunt, the game really encouraged you to use your head in manoeuvring around levels without being detected. The gadgets given to you at the start of each level were also fantastic. One example of this is one of the “sticky” traps; the idea being that you fired a trap with a camera onto a wall, and then when a guard comes near to it, gas him.

3) The sound it makes when Sam turns on his N/V
I know it seems like something trivial, but its just amazing that today if I were to hear that noise then my thoughts immediately go back to turning on my night vision all of those years ago. Great sound design and one of the most iconic noises in gaming.


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- Unknown

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