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by Gr1mmy
Belkin Nostromo N52 Speedpad Tournament Edition

This is the Belkin N52 TE. It’s essentially an extra keyboard for gamers who want to make gaming much easier. It has 15 programmable hotkeys which can be assigned to any of your keyboard’s keys. Also there are three different key map states which means you can set up your Speedpad for three different games or if you play World of Warcraft like me; three different characters. The Speedpad has a space bar, 8-way D-Pad and a single fighter jet style button above. Basically this bit of kit makes what are normally 15 spaced out keys on a keyboard into a pseudo-console controller.

This piece of hardware is a nice purchase for serious MMO, FPS and RTS gamers as you can put all of your necessary keys onto one pad and have them all at the touch of you fingers rather than searching your keyboard for them.

Overall the Belkin Nostromo N52 Speedpad TE is great for gaming and really helps response times. Also, I can see this helping the often forgotten disabled gamers who may have trouble navigating a fully-fledged keyboard. My only qualm is that programming it is a little hard, but that one annoyance barely dampens the experience.



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- Gr1mmy

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