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Hype Train: Gears of War 2
by Lewis O'Brien

Games can be identified as “great games” by how long after release people continue to talk about and play them and Gears of War was played and spoken of for a long, long time before people got over it. Gears of War 2 seems likely to follow in its predecessor’s foot steps.

When Gears 2 arrives in November it promises to bring more blood, more guts and plenty of chainsawing goodness. The game starts soon after the first finished. The focus for the second game seems to be Dom Santiago’s search for his wife, Maria whom Dom was separated from during the terror that was Emergence Day.

Two new characters have been announced for Delta Squad; Tai Kaliso, a veteran warrior for COG and Dizzy, a conscripted soldier who typically wears a cowboy hat (as you do) and smokes a cigar.

So what else can we expect to be in GoW 2 or what has been improved from the first title? Well, even if they leave the multiplayer as it was in GoW1 things will be looking up for online gamers, by now its common knowledge that the multiplayer was only developed once Epic Games was happy with the campaign in Gears 1, yet it still gave hours upon hours of enjoyment for Gears fans.

Another welcomed feature will be the new ways of finishing off your enemies. You can now use crippled opponents as meat shields which seem to be effective until there’s more lead in the poor guy than blood. The abilities of the Lancer gun have also been changed, if you come upon an enemy who also uses the chainsaw-gun, its not who revs up the chainsaw first who will win, instead a chainsaw duel will ensue. My personal favourite new kill is the sneak attack, Gears of War style. If you manage to sneak up on an enemy with your Lancer you can saw them in two from the lower back, up the spine to the head so it seems more than likely that there gonna be a lot of humiliating kills over Xbox live in the months following its release.

Overall Gears of War 2 looks as if it’s going to be as good as the improved graphics, use of the Unreal Engine 3 and extra blood and guts should make it a strong contender for game of the year.


- Lewis O'Brien

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