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Hype Train: Resistance 2
by Linford Butler
If hype for Insomniac’s upcoming shooter wasn’t high enough already, Sony’s ultra-revealing E3 conference certainly added fuel to the Resistance fire. With a brand-spanking new trailer, new information and an upcoming PSP spin-off title revealed, Sony’s press department have been hard at work to ensure that the latest Resistance games are well advertised before release.

Sony’s couldn’t have started their E3 staging much better than this. Actual in-game footage of Resistance: Fall of Man 2 was displayed to the amazement of watching crowds at the L.A. Shrine Theater – and amazement is the right word. Even at this stage, it looks absolutely fantastic and a definite step up from the original.

The sequel is set in America during the year 1953. Set in an alternate universe where WW2 never happened, the Chimera have broken US borders and are converting villages full of people to Chimeran forces, thus spreading the virus.

You play as Lieutenant Nathan Hale of the US Army, who has been infected with the Chimeran virus and is fighting it – as well as the Chimera themselves. The storyline continues from the plot of the original.

At the moment, the graphics and gameplay look absolutely amazing. Revealed at E3 was a huge monstrous leviathan, taller than most of the buildings. That’s what the original was missing, and what’s going to make this sequel absolutely brilliant. The game looks to play exactly like the original, but with added extras like being able to walk along building constructions. The weapons are similar to the original, but added to and tweaked slightly, so it still feels original.

The graphics look spectacular. Seriously, the explosions and fire effects are really impressive, and the monsters look exactly how they should – huge, frightening and hideous. The buildings look really realistic and the glass effects – as with the original – are amazing. Gun models also look more detailed than in Resistance: Fall of Man.

The multiplayer looks great too – 8 player online co-op and 60p online battles make this multiplayer very attractive. There is also news of squad-based skirmishes online, which should give a much-needed tactical aspect to the game.

I am really looking forward to Resistance 2 – hopefully it will be one of the best games this year graphically, online and gameplay-wise. I only hope Insomniac can deliver on what they have promised.


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- Linford Butler

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