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E3 Keynote Summary: Square-Enix
by Unknown
Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy versus 13
-Final Fantasy 13 came to 360 because of hardware sales in the USA
-Only difference between 360/PS3 versions of FF13 are discs (360’s discs have lower storage capacity)
-Square-Enix are undecided about how many discs FF13 will ship on
-Developers will finish the Japanese version of FF13 on PS3 and then start work on the 360 version
-Unlikely that US/Japan/EU will have synchronised releases due to language issues
-FF13 will not come out in Japan on 360 because of bad hardware sales
-FF13 will have no motion controls
-Final Fantasy versus 13 will still remain a PS3 exclusive
-FF13 will be flashier than 12

Overall: 360 fans may be sad to know that not only will Final Fantasy 13 not come out in Japan, but that spin-off Final Fantasy versus 13 will stay on the PS3 only. Still, at least it is still coming to 360, that's more than you could say yesterday.


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- Unknown

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