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E3 Keynote Summary: Microsoft
by Unknown

Fallout 3
-Has a Gears of War style 3rd person view as well as the FPS view we are used to seeing
-Mini-nuke part of weapon arsenal that looks very impressive
-100 + hours of gameplay
-Choice based game – much like Mass Effect
-360 has exclusive downloadable content

Resident Evil 5
-Online Co-op
-NOT 360 exclusive
-AI needs some work
-Co-op functions a little like Army of Two – but hopefully good
-Comes out March 13th 2009

Fable 2
-Teaser trailer shown – involves children, bad English accents and bird crap
-Great online co-op system shown, pop-in pop-out co-op
-Dynamic story/characters
-Can drink, marry, have kids (do it in real life!)
-Comes out October 2008 for 360 only

Gears of War 2
-Choppy frame-rate, might just have been poor video feed
-Human shields look effective
-Cheesy one-liners
-Can ride monsters
-Comes out November 7th 2008 for 360 only

Xbox Live
-“360 will sell more than PS3 worldwide”
-NBC/Universal content coming to video store
-New 360 update this Autumn
-Involves avatar system which can be dressed up, new party system – much like Playstation Home game launching
-Apple style menu system – very snazzy
-New Geometry Wars game announced, comes August for 360 only
-New Galaga re-make announced, comes August for 360 only (what the hell is Galaga)
-Portal: Still Alive announced for XBLA, exclusive map pack for 360 only
-Horrific sounding South Park game on the way
-New community games coming, opens up creative possibilities
-Netflix partners up with Microsoft for loads of new content without any charge other than your original Netflix subscription
-Watch TV at same time as other “party” members

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise
-Both games looks a little too kid orientated, but still fun

-New 360 exclusive Singstar style game
-Motion control inside microphone?
-Can sing any song off Zune

Rock Band
-84 songs on disc
-20 + free DLC songs
-All original versions – no covers

Square Enix
-Infinite Undiscovery comes September 2nd 2008 for 360 only
-Last Remnant will come out November 20th 2008 for 360 and PC
-Some small Square-Enix project no-longer PS3 exclusive, I think it was called Final Fantasy 13 or something, comes on 360 at the same time as PS3.

Overall: It was a great day for 360 owners all around the world especially with Final Fantasy coming. I’m glad loads of new people will be introduced to such a special franchise. Sony and Nintendo will be holding press events in the coming days.


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- Unknown

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