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E3 Keynote Speech: Konami
by Linford Butler

Metal Gear Solid 4
-MGO to receive expansion packs names The Gene ($11.99) and Gene Plus ($14.99), available 17th July. Will include new characters and modes.
-MGO world tournament to take place in October at TGS
-First live tournament going on at Comic Con next week - EU, Asian and US players to battle it out against each other.

Rock Revolution
-Official game sponsor of Linkin Park tour
-Official booth to be at the tour
-Can play Blitzkrieg Bop on the game

Silent Hill: Homecoming
-"Synonymous with horror and suspense"
-Exclusive footage shown
-Creepy little boy called Josh
-Walkthrough demo shown
-First person mode allows you to see items up close
-Grain filter to make normal world and hell feel very different
-Hell world looks like an old-fashioned movie thanks to the filter
-Bosses able to be defeated in different ways
-Huge upside down hanging monster. Supported by meat sacks

Elebits (DS)
-Apparently "really good"

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
-Trailer shown
-Underwater levels
-Shipwreck levels
-Living dinosaur skeletons
-Possibly even Frankenstein's monster
-Due for release in the autumn

Castlevania: Judgement
-3D Action Versus game for Wii
-"Not a fighting game," according to Igarashi
-Lots of combo moves
-Powerup attacks features
-Little girl character
-Gameplay demonstrated
-Wiimote and Nunchuck utilised
-Different attacks depending on if you're moving or standing still
-Can destroy objects
-Collectable hearts and items
-Movement more free than normal fighter
-Can use objects as weapons
-Levels have NPC's like zombies that can attack people

Overall: Nothing terribly exciting form Konami's E3 conference this year. Highlight was probably Castlevania: Judgement or Silent HIll: Homecoming. Lack of Pro Evo 9 left us feeling a bit short-changed.


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- Linford Butler

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