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Rumour: PS3 firmware v2.40 not far off
by Linford Butler


Rumours that the new PlayStation3 firmware 2.40 is on the horizon could have some basis in fact, sources report.

Although nothing has been officially announced about the release date of the software update, many seem to think that connection problems on the PlayStation Network are due to the fact that the system is being upgraded to v2.4 - which will allow the XMB to be accessed in-game.


Sony have already confirmed that in-game XMB, support for the new 360-like Trophies system - so it is entirely plausible that these rumours have some substance.

Hopefully this is an indicator that 2.40 is on the horizon, finally. Check out CVG for a list of supposed in-game features.

More as we get it.


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- Linford Butler

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