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Review: LocoRoco Cocoreccho
by Linford Butler

Controlling a little yellow blob using telepathy via a butterfly isn't everyone's idea of a groundbreaking game. In the case of this decidedly weird take on the puzzle genre, they'd be right to think it wasn't.

This is truly insanity, and that isn't an understatement. The game (itself a download from the PlayStation Store) begins with the little yellow blob on a platform which you can tilt using the SIXAXIS motion sensors. Things don't get much better, either, as the game progresses further into the realm of madness - you control the blob by moving a butterfly around the screen. This butterfly sends telepathic messages to the blob, which responds by moving to where the butterfly is.

To be blunt, this lousy excuse for a PS3 game is not worth the £1.99 that the Store asks. Sure, the graphics look OK, and it's cute enough to make the little kids go 'ah', but those couple of good points do not justify spending cash on this disaster. Avoid this game like you would a bullet.



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- Linford Butler

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