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Resistance 2 factsheet
by Unknown

New pieces of information were revealed about Insomniac’s upcoming PS3 shooter Resistance 2 on a Eurogamer live text chat (including two questions from yours truly). Here they are:
  • Intel will be found lying around the levels (as in the first game) to expand the story of the game

  • There will be a mini-gun

  • Better lighting

  • More detailed textures

  • Bigger levels

  • Resolution is 720p

  • Will run at 30 frames per second (FPS)

  • Co-op game is different from 1 player mode
  • No large cut-scenes in co-op
  • Co-op mode significantly harder than 1 player (due to increased amount of players)
  • The game will include Playstation Home and trophy support
  • Fighting will be more intense from the start (answering criticism of Resistance: FOM's slow start)
  • Campaign mode will be as long, if not longer than Resistance: FOM
  • There will be little or no sixaxis use in Resistance 2

Matt (Thanks Eurogamer)

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- Unknown

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