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Firmware v2.40 due 18th June
by Linford Butler
Firmware v2.40
It's been a while since faithful PS3 owners got a firmware update. Luckily, however, the latest version, 2.40, is due for release on 18th June.

Nothing has yet been confirmed by Sony, but we have a vague idea of which new features will be added. Videogaming24 has it on 'good authority' that the long-wanted in-game XMB (XrossMediaBar) feature will be included in next week's potential update.

Along with in-game XMB, another new feature will be the slightly less-anticipated trophy support. Trophy support has been linked to PlayStation Home, so hopefully this added feature is an indication that Home is on the horizon. Also added will be custom soundtracks, allowing mp3's stored on the Hard Disk Drive to be played during gameplay, according to sources.

The firmware will be available to download via the settings menu on the XMB or via the official PlayStation website on 18th June if all goes to plan.

I will keep you posted as more information is released, and will post a full changelog on the new features when the firmware is released.



- Linford Butler

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