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Breaking: Firmware 2.40 and Dualshock 3 coming July 2nd (to Europe)
by Linford Butler

The new PlayStation3 system firmware and the European release of the DualShock3 controller are just two of Sony's upcoming treats.

Sony revealed in a press release that the newest firmware, which will give PS3 owners in-game XMB and Trophies, is due to be launched as a free download on Wednesday.

Most games will have in-game XMB support from release, but only some will feature Trophy support. Amongst these games are Warhawk and PAIN. The feature has also been announced for currently unreleased games such as MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and Resistance: Fall of Man 2.

However, the latest firmware is not the only thing on SCEE's release agenda. The long-awaited DualShock 3 controller is set to be released to Europe on Friday. The controller brings back the old rumble feature familiar to that of the old controllers. Motion sensing technology will still be included in the controller.

This is good news to many PS3 owners who have eagerly been anticipating both features. More as we get it.


SCEE PRESS RELEASE: Firmware v2.40
CONSOLE GAMING: DualShock3 Hits Europe - 4th July

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- Linford Butler

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