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At Gamer’s Guide to Life, we have an advanced blog layout that is far better suited to various ad incorporations than most other blog layouts. We have different ways in which you could see your ads on Gamer’s Guide to Life, and are flexible and helpful in getting your ad campaigns up and running.

Our ad placements on GGTL are very prominently located but, unlike on most other websites, they won’t cost the earth, regardless of whether you’re a large corporation or a one-man website looking for some cheap publicity.

If you have an ad campaign which you would like to run, have any queries about GGTL’s advertising policy or even have an ad campaign which you’d like to see here but doesn’t fit into our regular ad placements, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Even if your ad campaign doesn’t fit into our stated placements, we’re always happy to work on custom campaigns, and we’re sure we can find a cosy spot for your ads.

Please feel more than welcome to email for more information on ad campaigns or to start the ball rolling and advertise with GGTL. Feel free to email all advertisement queries to us via the links provided. We are always happy to work with you on custom placements, and whilst we already have very competitive advertising rates, customers who buy ads in bulk across the site can count on a healthy discount.

Sidebar text ads

Sidebar text ads are perfect for those on a budget. Small, cheap but very prominently placed, these ads feature on every page of the blog.

- Maximum of 50 words

- Your website/product/company name

- Your website URL

- Prices change according to text ad placement. Ads placed higher in the sidebar are often more expensive than those towards the bottom.

Email for a quote or more information.

Sidebar image ads

Fantastic ad placements for those willing to spend a little more but still want great value for money and great placement.

- Add your own custom brand, logo and images to your ad campaign

- We support a wide variety of image ads, including static images, flash ads and animated GIF ads

- Link your image ad to your website, product or company URL

- Prices change with position

Email for a quote or more information.

Lower sidebar thumbnail ads

Cheapest of all the ad placements, the thumbnail ads are great value for money. These ads feature on every page of the blog.

- Have your own brand, logo or images on your ads

- Static images only

- Ads feature in the sidebar of every page on the blog

Email for a quote or more information.

Background ads

Quantum of Solace and SingStar are used for illustrational purposes only. Quantum of Solace ©2008 EON Productions. SingStar ©2007 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Each brand is the property of their respective owners and are used here to demonstrate the ad placement only. All rights reserved.

Background ads are perfect for those wanting highly noticeable, prominently located, entire-site ads. Background ads allow you the flexibility of using your own logos and images with a large size, as seen above. Sophisticated and stylish, background ads are possibly the most noticeable and effective sort of ad we offer on Gamer’s Guide to Life. Used by websites such as GameSpot, ThatVideoGameBlog, Den of Geek and many more, full-page background ads are possibly the most corporately reliable ads possible.

- Use your own logos, images and branding with the flexibility of lots of space

- Static images only

- All background ads are clickable if a website homepage is specified

- No limit on words or images: create the ad you want and, so long as it fits, we’ll be happy

- Ads feature in the background right across the site

Email for a quote or more information.

All ad placements and information correct as of 23 July, 2009.

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