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Haze: First Impressions
by Gr1mmy

I have found some time in-between revising for my exams and learning to drive to bring you guys a short review of Haze. Now I'm sure you have all seen the nasty reviews that many sites have given Haze. In many ways these people are right, Haze is not brilliant but still has some good qualities about it.

The first good quality is probably is that of some of the multiplayer scenarios, if you want you can just go for the regular Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch but theres also a different mission based scenario for each map. For instance there is a swamp type map in which the rebels have to burn patches of Nectar farms with flame throwers before the Mantel Troopers can turn on the sprinkler systems on to save their precious Nectar. This provides a good balance of gunplay and tactics.

The second good point is that I'm positive that they can improve on the multiplayer system with more maps, game types and mission variations for the current maps. It's good to know that a game can be improved post release.

The third good point is the Mantel part of the story line, the rebel's story is boring but Mantel is a weird company that has its own private army that took over the real army and powered them by drugs (Nectar). It's pretty cool and provides (in my opinion) a pretty mature, well rounded view about drugs, propaganda and troop morale.

Anyway there will be a full review which should be sometime after monday.


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- Gr1mmy

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