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Dark Sector: First Impressions
by Unknown

11am. Saturday. There was a chill in the air. An electric feeling pulsed through my veins as I picked up what can only be described as a masterpiece in the field of video games. Then I put GTA 4 down and picked up Dark Sector. Oh yeah. I totally zinged Dark Sector.

As you may know, Dark Sector was released a couple of months back on the PS3 and 360. The game combines environmental puzzles with "the deadly power of the glaive". What little story there seems to be involves a zombie virus outbreak (Reference: Resident Evil), set in an Eastern European country. Innovative, no?

What drives this game away from absolute generic status is the use of a boomerang style weapon with blades attached. This "glaive" is used for many purposes in the game, from solving small puzzles to chopping off dude's heads. Many interesting gameplay mechanics have been created that revolve around this weapon such as the "afterTouch", which allows you to control the path of the Glaive after throwing it. All of this is good, but nothing to propel the game into legendary status.

I'm making my way through the game now, so expect to see a review within a couple of weeks.


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- Unknown

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