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GT5 Prologue First Impressions
by Gr1mmy

The first thing I thought when I entered into the game was that it is a huge improvement over GT4 in terms of physics, sound and looks. There is a variety of cars that you can get for your first ride from the Ford Focus ST to the Honda Integra Type R but there are also many other cars to start with. From what I have played so far I have found the tracks very refreshing and different since I last saw them on GT4 and Forza 2.

The only thing I was disappointed with so far was the patch to allow you to play online which kept failing half way through downloading but apparently this was due to so many people downloading at the same time. So it’s looking like a chart topper for the full release, especially with all the cars, tracks and the car damage in the full version.

More soon…


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- Gr1mmy

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