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Review: Rock Band
by Gr1mmy

So i got back from New York last week and ive been playing Rock Band. Much like Guitar Hero it revolves around rhythm based gameplay. This game hasn't been released in Europe yet so i thought i'd give you guys the low down.
Graphics - 7
This game isn't the best looking game in terms of avatars and your band mates. You never really have time to look at your avatar when your playing songs your concentrating on the notes your hitting.
Gameplay - 10
This game is the most fun when our rocking out with your mates on all 3 instruments. Each instrument has its own way of activating "Star Power". Guitar uses the same old tilt function, drums you need to hit the pads in the fill sections and hit the symbol at the end of it and the mic just needs some sort of noise in the right section to activate.
Sound - 10
The sound is great but theres alot more bands that ive never heard of than there was in Guitar Hero 3. But all the songs are great and range from Beastie Boys to Black Sabbath.
Longevity - 10
This game could easily last forever, so far in the US they have had a steady release of new song packs every few weeks. So far there has been 56 songs added to the game and more keep coming.
Overall - 9
I have chosen 9 because this game has one let down, Its not much fun to play on your own, you need a whole group to play as its way more fun.
Quick Review - Buy it if your ever in the US but beware its huge!!!

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- Gr1mmy

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