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Review: Dualshock 3
by Unknown

I was not convinced. At first when the PS3 controller came out, I barely noticed the lack of rumble in the controller. As a consequence of this when I learnt that there was a new controller with rumble added on, I did not care much.

As time went by, the need for a new controller became more and more obvious because of many visits from friends wanting to play the PS3. Also, I wanted a spare in case the fragile six-axis controller broke. So I decided that I wanted to invest in the Dualshock3 controller, mainly because I liked the white colour scheme, but also because of the added weight.

When it arrived, I was immediately taken back by how much it weighed (the mass is similar to that of the 360 controller). This was originally quite hard to get used to, but soon I began to love the added feeling of power and was no longer worried about dropping the controller on the floor to its doom.

But the biggest feature which I noticed was in fact the rumble. When playing SuperStardust HD I would not have got the same experience that I got while going through the game (which is brilliant by the way). However, I think the rumble is most effective (out of the 5 games I have tried so far) in Warhawk. I don’t know how I played without it and it really adds another level of gameplay to the proceedings.

In conclusion, I can highly recommend this controller to anybody that doesn’t mind waiting for the time it takes to import it, or those who can wait it out until it is released in the UK/US.

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- Unknown

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