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Me and Grimmy have been on a short break from GGTL, to catch up with classwork (also because we are lazy buggers).

Anyway, I think i'd better provide some closure on the GOTY thing I was doing.
3) Resistance: Fall of Man
2) Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
1) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Anyway, since I last posted I have bought Burnout: Paradise.

Also, I have not got the will to complete the Orange Box, as I think it is too long, too hard, and not very good (apart from Portal).

I think I had better announce this now, GGTL has now basically become a PS3 only blog, with the exception of a few games on other platforms, mine and Grimmy's attention has turned mainly towards the PS3, which is expected considering I don't have a 360 and Grimmy will probably be cancelling his XBL account soon.

You will probably notice a new design to the site, which I thought just might liven things up again.

Happy gaming,

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- Unknown

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