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by Linford Butler

Your continued use of Gamer's Guide to is subject to the terms of service (ToS) contained herein and your agreement to said terms. Continued use is defined here as any interaction with this website in which you read, write, browse or interact with any aspect of this website or others owned by Gamer's Guide to These terms of service are legally binding.

Agreement of Reasonable and Fair Use (ARFU)
Privacy Policy

Agreement of Reasonable and Fair Use (ARFU)

By continued use of Gamer's Guide to and/or any other website or service belonging to Gamer's Guide to, you agree to our Agreement of Reasonable and Fair Use (ARFU). The ARFU is legally binding and any violation will be regarded as misuse of this site and a breach of legal agreement.

You agree, as stated in this Agreement of Reasonable and Fair Use (ARFU), that you will, to the best of your knowledge and ability and without knowingly violating these terms, agree to use the services which Gamer's Guide to provides in a reasonable and fair manner, inkeeping with the terms of service and copyright terms of the website.

The ARFU prohibits, without exception, use of language or behaviour which is deemed unsuitable for a mass audience or discriminatory in any way. Unsuitable language is defined as any language, word, phrase or manner of speaking which is deemed overtly and unnecessarily harsh, insulting, obscene or discriminatory. Unsuitable behaviour is defined as the use of unsuitable language, threats of any form or any behaviour which violates values, morals and behaviour which are considered civil. These definitions, however, are not limited to the examples listed above. Writing of comments, writing of articles, use of any search or submission function or general use of any service relating to or directly provided by Gamer's Guide to is subject to the previously described terms and conditions.

The ARFU prohibits use of original content by Gamer's Guide to writers without prior permission or in violation of the copyright conditions outlined in the 'Copyright Terms' document.

The ARFU also prohibits any use of the website or any service which Gamer's Guide to provides which is considered unnecessary, unlawful, excessive or misdirecting.

Any use of Gamer's Guide to is subject to this Agreement of Reasonable and Fair Use and violations will be considered a breach of contract.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is designed to protect both your rights (user) and those of Gamer's Guide to (provider).

All visits to this website are tracked using Google Analytics, and this privacy policy extends that of Google. During visits to this site, your IP address may be logged for archiving and analytic purposes. The same goes for basic details about the hardware you are using, your browsers, geographical location or any other details provided by the Google Analytics software. Any use of this website is subject to the Google Analytics privacy policy, detailed here throughout the duration of our use of the Google Analytics software.

Any and all comments submitted to this website are handled, moderated, saved and archived using the Disqus commenting system. As such, this privacy policy extends that of Disqus, Inc. When commenting on this website you may choose to provide information which personally identifies you or could be used to contact you. This includes, but is not limited to: your email address, name, telephone number, postal address. Disqus also allows logins via various social networking and data handling platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and OpenID. Any entry of login information to use these services is at the user's discretion and Gamer's Guide to is not responsible for any misuse, malpractice or issues which arise due to use of these login options. Any use of this website is subject to the Disqus privacy policy, as detailed here.

We will never knowingly distribute, sell, market, trade or otherwise disclose personal information on users (including but not limited to email addresses, names, telephone numbers, etc.), except where required or ordered to according to local or international law, or to protect the stability, integrity and security of Gamer's Guide to

If information on users is requested by any official body (including but not limited to governmental departments, police forces, emergency services, medical outlets, military administrations), we will do our utmost to provide requested information and work alongside said official body, providing that they can prove their jurisdiction over the press in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and their status as a legal or military/security entity with jurisdiction over the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Any request made for information by an entity or body without jurisdiction over the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be considered by the Gamer's Guide to Lead Editor, but Gamer's Guide to is not obliged to provide this information if the requester does not have legal jurisdiction over the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

We will only use personal information provided for the following purposes: (i) internally to improve our website, services, features and content; (ii) to fulfil requests the user make to us; (iii) to provide the user with services, information or experiences personalised for them; (iv) to comply with requests made through relevant law. Except where the user has provided us with explicit permission, either in written form or through a choice (such as a tickbox or selection on a form, etc.), to use their information in other ways, this is the promise we make to our users.

However, we reserve the right to use non-personal information provided to use in any way, shape, form or method we see fit for anything we need it for. This includes, but is not limited to: providing information to third parties, to verify users visiting our website, to increase our site's user-friendliness and functionality, to generate useful data or to better tailor our site to the user's needs.

We reserve the right to remove, edit, change, add to, take away from, or otherwise manipulate this privacy policy following publication for any reason, and Gamer's Guide to is not obliged to disclose the reasons for making such edits. We cannot guarantee that your information will be 100% secure. Your continued use of this website is taken as an agreement to this privacy policy.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, Gamer's Guide to, our partners and/or licensors exclude all liability for loss or damage, stress or upset, emotional effect, misuse or malpractise, or any other negative impact or effect suffered by you or any third party due to your use of this website, the Gamer's Guide to network, any of our sister sites, or any of our services. This includes any damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, incidental or consequential and howsoever arising from your use of or access to, or inability to access or use a site. Your continued use of this and any other websites owned by Gamer's Guide to is taken as an acceptance of the terms described herein above.

We exclude all liability and responsibility for any loss of data, damage to data, technical or hardware damage caused by downloading data from our website or any third party site linked to on Gamer's Guide to Life. This includes, but is not limited to, any virus or trojan infections which arise due to use of this site. We attempt to ensure that all content linked to or hosted on Gamer's Guide to is clean of these electronic viruses, but we cannot ensure that this is guaranteed, and you are responsible for your own virus protection.

Gamer's Guide to is entirely independent and our views, opinions and content do not necessarily represent those of any company, corporation, publisher, developer, distributor or third party. Gamer's Guide to is not linked to any other company or third party, and we do not claim to be.

All content on this website should be considered opinion, and the views of one writer or commenter do not necessarily represent the views of other writers/commenters, or Gamer's Guide to

We do not consider requests to remove any editorial written content by any of our writers. We will only consider removing material if the person requesting the removal can prove that Gamer's Guide to violates a legal agreement by hosting the offending content.

Gamer's Guide to does not warrant the reliability, accuracy or completeness of any information contained on our sites. Whilst we strive to ensure that all information is, to the best of our knowledge, correct and accurate, we cannot ensure that all information is 100% accurate and no information given on Gamer's Guide to should be taken as fact.
- Linford Butler

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