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Rumor: Crysis Coming to 360?
by Gr1mmy

The huge hit PC game Crysis where you have to adapt to survive in an artificial world with changing environments and very intelligent enemies. There is now speculaton that the game is going to be ported to the 360 sometime this year. The rumor started when an Austrian games website had a game on show with a release date of 20th of November. So hopefully this year the game will come over to the 360 aswell.


However I can put an end to this rumor by directing people who belive this rumor to Eurogamer's TV show. It is stated in said show that the PS3/360's development kits couldn't support the game's heavy physics engine. Also in the show was a room, in the developer's head quarters, shown to be dedicated to PS3 technology, which may, if anything, indicate a step towards PS3 exclusivity in the future (possibly aswell as PC).



- Gr1mmy

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