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PS3 First Impressions
by Gr1mmy
I just plugged my PS3 in and while its getting a system update i will give you my first impressions. Firstly i wanted to complain about thinking my ps3 wasn't working because it wasn't making any kind of noise but it turns out that it actually sounds like that. So next i will tell you what i think of its looks, its beautiful to look at and you could almost get lost in a trance to how shiny it is. I got Eye of Judgement set up at my desk with all the cards and i can't wait to have a go. Also i got Medal of Honor Airborne free with it which im not sure i will get round to playing it since i have Need for Speed Pro Street and Call of Duty 4 coming tomorrow.

Better get back to my PS3. I will set up my PSN and post my name online sometime later.



- Gr1mmy

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