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GOTY: 5-Warhawk
by Unknown

I know I have done one of these game of the year things before, but I don’t think I did it terribly well, so I’ll have another shot at it.

5) Warhawk

Warhawk set a benchmark in gaming, and while air-combat was samey and combat wasn’t brilliant, it was the first fully featured, downloadable game, to have online on the PS3. Graphics were heavily stylised and looked great. Although there was little variety in combat and match types, some modes stood out as being crackers, such as the ‘Zone’ matches which really brought the use of vehicles forward. However, in my opinion the game had some silly mistakes which cost it a higher place on the list, such as the need to press down L3 to talk on a headset (very tricky while flying a plane), the unreliability of the game (stats and ranks didn’t work for a while) and balancing issues (tanks are too good).



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- Unknown

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