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by Linford Butler
Gamer's Guide to is an independent videogames website based in the UK and focusing on providing quality games journalism optimised for UK-based readers, but relevant to others outside the UK also. Gamer's Guide to is currently edited by Lead Editor, Linford Butler. The site is owned and managed in the United Kingdom, currently by the Lead Editor.

Gamer's Guide to Life - or, as it became known, GGTL - was established in December 2007 by Matthew Meadows. Soon joined by fellow writers and friends Lewis O'Brien and James Grimshaw (affectionately known as Grimmy), Gamer's Guide to Life began to experiment with feature articles, editorial writing and the odd casual piece, all focusing on coverage of the games industry.

The site quickly grew after Linford Butler joined the team in June 2008. With a larger four-man team, coverage of the industry became more of a serious pursuit into the world of games journalism, in contrast to the prior casual nature of the site. Quickly establishing themselves as an upcoming name in games journalism, at least in the United Kingdom, Gamer's Guide to Life underwent a transformation, taking a direct and measured approach to serious games journalism and following the industry closely in order to provide unbiased and entertaining videogames coverage.

Gamer's Guide to Life underwent it's first major redesign and restructure in April 2009. This redesign saw the current version of the GGTL logo unveiled for the first time, based upon the structure of the old logo for familiarity but using Hand of Sean as its new official typeface. Hand of Sean was complimented by Liberation Serif, and the redesign saw this combination of official and serif font, and the first use of the official GGTL red as a main basis colour, used for the first time.

Around the same time, GGTL sadly said goodbye to two of the founding members of the site, Lewis and Grimmy, who both moved on to work on other things. However, the site was going strong and soon official positions were established, with Matthew Meadows as Lead Editor and Linford Butler taking the position of PlayStation 3 Editor. Jacques Hulme soon joined the ranks, taking Linford's old position as PlayStation 3 Editor. This saw Linford become Associate Editor, in a move which would form the first foundations of the Senior Editorial Team.

Gamer's Guide to Life underwent one major restaffing in autumn 2009, and another in January 2010. In December 2009, Matthew Meadows took the less-involved role of Managing Editor, and temporarily left the team due to commitments at university. He later left the site in May 2010. Linford Butler, working as Lead Editor, took charge of the management of the site, and under this role directed changes in team structure, staffing, policy and design of Gamer's Guide to Life.

Gamer's Guide to now has multiple writers coming from as far away as the United Kindom, the United States and the Dominican Republic. We focus solely on editorial content as of early 2010, and GGTL is the founding website of the Gamer's Guide to Life network of websites.

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- Linford Butler

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