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Review: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
by Unknown

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is an effort from veteran platform game makers 'Naughty Dog'. This game promised "a pulse-pounding blend of exploration, action and adventure", but will it deliver.

Graphics: 10
The graphics in this game are spectacular. Brilliant jungles and life-like sea water are all in the game and provide effective ambience meaning a more absorbing game.
Gameplay: 9
This game provides some of the most unique gameplay this year. A good mix between Assassin's Creed style climbing and Tomb Raider style shooting makes this title really fun to play. Well placed explosive barrels and excellent level design also help.
Sound: 9
Superb cut-scene dialoge and brilliant music makes this game a must for gamers with a passion for sound. Especially later in the game, music is vital to make the moment seem more tense, which it achieves.
Longevity: 7
This game follows suit to alot of other current games due to the fact that the single-player mode is quite short. And as this game has no multi-player it is still not very good in terms of lifespan. However it is partially helped by the vast amount of unlockables (behind the scenes etc) and collectables (statues etc).
Overall: 9.5
This game is a masterpiece of level design and graphic design, and clearly shows the PS3's potetial, especially after a Naughty Dog executive admitted that the game only utilised 33% of the PS3's capabilities.

Quick review: Buy it now


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- Unknown

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