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1) Halo 2 back to life
Halo 2 will be released (like Fable) on XBL next year as a downloadable game.

2) GTA 1,2 and London for PSN/XBL

The 2d GTA games will be released for download early next year following a period of prolonged pressure to do so from the community.

3) Factor 5
Factor 5 (makers of Lair and Rogue Squadron) are making 2 games, one of which is a downloadable multiplayer game and one of which is unknown (fingers crossed its rogue squadron). Both games will only be on PS3. The 1st game is said to be 'drastically different to Lair' (yay).

4) Mass Effect for PC

Mass Effect will be released for PC with bonus content, but not on PS3.

(thanks surfer girl)

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