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1) Lost Planet
The price of Lost Planet (from an XBOX 360 port) will be $40 in the USA when it comes out for PS3. Expect a price of around £25 in the UK.

2) No DLC for U:DF:
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will not have downloadable content for the PS3 beyond the odd theme. However, it is rumored that there will be 'Home Trophies' for the game, so you can display your 100-headshot trophy to your envious freinds on upcoming networking game 'Home'.

3) Faster/Fewer/Stronger says Sony:
Sony has outlined it's plans for firmware updates in the new year. There will be fewer of them, quicker download speeds attached and more content when they do arrive.

4) PSN demo for Devil May Cry 4 in Jan/Feb:
A demo for the hugely anticipated and not 360 exclusive DMC4 will arrive in the US in January or February. Expext a similar timing for the XBOX Live demo as well.

5) No Crackdown sequel:
There is going to be NO Crackdown sequel, due to a lack of communication from Microsoft. They asked for a new edition of the game too late, as work at the studios had already started on a new game. Sorry Gr1mmy.

Thanks to surfer girl for the information.


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