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Guitar Hero 3 Review (360)
by Gr1mmy

Well i got Guitar Hero 3 for Christmas and its ruled most of my holidays. Its so much fun but at the same time challenging. with 4 difficulties as usual which vary significantly.

Graphics: 7

In GH3 there isnt much in graphics as its not the kind of game that is meant to stun you with tons of amazing graphics. Yeah, theres a stage with characters and a crowd but you are always looking at the fret board and the notes so you don't really need to look at the other stuff.

Gameplay: 7

The Gameplay in GH3 is very repetitive as you would expect, but since your always playing a different songs on different levels its always a bit different. There are 42 songs in career mode, over 20 bonus songs and all the songs that you can get of the Xbox Marketplace/PSN. The career mode has lots of characters, guitars to use as well as a shop to purchase more things like guitar finishes and new clothes.

Multiplayer: 9

The online modes for guitar hero are also very cool. Co-Op or Guitar Battle, both are very fun to play with mates or at parties and there also many achievements for these modes.

Sound: 9

The soundtrack for GH3 is awsome, there is a varity of bands from The Rolling Stones to the Kaiser Chiefs (Matt: yay), Guns 'N' Roses to Dragonforce. The only thing that lets it down is the effects if you aren't particularly good at the game, the sound of you missing notes, which is truely horrible.

Longevity: 9

This game could very well last until the next Guitar Hero as long as the tracks keep on getting put onto the marketplace. This game is a hit at parties and its brill to watch relatives have a bash on the controller.

Overall: 8

This game is very fun and can easily be picked up and played as it has no real storyline, you can practice your fave songs or download songs and play those. Very good game, it could keep you occupied for ages.

Quick Review: Musical fun for all ages!



- Gr1mmy

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