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Christmas Review: Call of Duty 4 (PS3)
by Unknown

Before you ask, no, this has nothing to do with Christmas, however this post is a review, and this is Christmas and is therefore a Christmas review. Anyway, the Call of Duty franchise has been around since 2003 and year on year has delivered an entertaining look into the 'great war'. However, with time (and copious amounts of money) comes change; a change to the modern era.

Graphics: 9
Infinity Ward provided a stellar introduction, in terms of graphics, to the PS3 with CoD4. Character models are great, and may even convince you to grow a mustache just like Cpt. Price! Explosions are effective and you can tell great detail has gone into weapon/level design, with masterpieces such as the 'Crossfire' level on show. Also, let this multi-platform game be a lesson to developers who want to port a game onto the PS3, with little slow-down seen in games such as the 'Orange Box'.

Gameplay: 10
Wow. This game, to be honest, is perfect. In terms of gameplay, the developers couldn't have done any better, with tense, exciting levels that set the heart racing to emotional flashbacks. Guns feel realistic for once in a game; for example, a RPG doesn't just fly straight forward as in most games, it veers upwards. Words can't explain how much work i think the developers put into this game, even hiring military advisors such as Hank Keirsey to help provide an accurate war-time atmosphere.

Multi-player: 9
Ok, sometimes the multi-player is flawed, the party system, for example, barely ever works and game invites have a low success rate. Also, there is no lobby system, not allowing gamers to pick levels. Doesn't sound like a 9/10 does it? Well, there is one thing that brings this game to the forefront of online gaming; XP. XP is earnt for completing challenges, much like the XBOX 360's achievments system. With XP comes level growth, and unlockable weapons and perks that all in all lead to a near perfect online experience.

Sound: 8
The sound in this action game is not of huge importance, what is more important is the silence in between it. For example on a certain level ***SPOILERS***were a nuke blows up and we are left to die, only heartbeats and radio can be heard. Brilliant.***SPOILERS OVER***. However, some times you feel like there should be a little more music to add to the situation, but this isn't of huge importance.

Longevity: 4 or 10
If you aren't hooked up to PSN or XBL then rent this game, the 1 player doesn't have a Co-op mode and only lasts about 10 hours max. However, if you are on PSN then you'll be playing this until CoD5, chasing new levels and guns. It seems like the fun won't stop any time soon.

Basically, this is one of the best games i have ever had the good fortune of playing, a brilliant story, great graphics and a multi-player mode second to none. Ask for this for Christmas. Now.

Overall Score: 10/10

Quick review: CoD4 FTW!


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- Unknown

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