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Burnout Paradise Demo
by Gr1mmy
Since ive played every Burnout game made, i had to download the Burnout Paradise demo. When you start the game the first thing you need is your drivers permit, it asks you to take a picture of your face with your Xbox Live Vision camera/Playstation Eye to use for your drivers licence, this picture gets traded with other players when you crash into them just like trading insurance in real life.

Next you get your car, there is only one, its a muscle car, a bit of mustang/gto hybrid. Its all mashed up so you need to take it to a repair stop. Once you car is repaired you get to roam free around the city. There is tons to do, 2 types of races, stunt run and burning route.

The online mode is great, its called free burn and you can just race arund the city and do what ever you want with loads of people online.

I cannot wait for this game and I would reccomend this game to everyone because the demo is awsome!
- Gr1mmy

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